Telephone consultations are common in Jackie's practice, primarily because of the difficulty many people have in finding a well qualified practioner within driving distance. Since physical examinations are not necessary for a homeopathic evaluation, the effectiveness of the treatment is equivalent to office visits. In some cases telephone visits produce better results. Many patients appreciate the convenience and increased feeling of privacy and will chose to schedule telephone consultations even if they live in the same town.


Telephone consultations are conducted in much the same way as an office visits. Please refer to the office consultations section for more information.


It is simple to set up: either call Jackie at (508) 693-7091 or email her at jackie@clasonhomeopathy.com . A complimentary 15-minute consultation is offered to see if a telephone consultation is appropriate and comfortable for you.





"I started working with Jackie Clason via phone appointments right after my third child was born. One of my children had constant ear infections, one chronic eczema and I had a variety of issues that I wanted to address.


"I was initially a little skeptical about homeopathy. I wondered how someone could really understand my issues over the phone. But Jackie's reputation for profoundly changing people's lives intrigued me and I decide to give homeopathy a try. This was the best decision I have ever made.


"Shortly after our initial phone consultation, my son was able to stop taking his antibiotics for ear infections; my other son rarely needed his corticosteroids for his skin and my own life changed immeasurably. Our family is very grateful to Jackie."


- Molly Silver


"Both my husband and I have gone to medical doctors to solve a few chronic problems we've had over the years often with little or no results, or with recommendations for constant use of drugs or surgery. When we finally called Jackie Clason, within a few weeks, she solved our problems via a few phone conversations and homeopathic remedies. She listens carefully with great results."


- Lynne Arundale