supervision for homeopaths


I offer case supervision and mentoring, conducted over the telephone, which can help you provide the highest quality homeopathic care to your patients. Regardless of the difficulty of any case, we can work together to understand your patient and find approaches that best suit you and your background and strengths. By this method, we will determine the most appropriate remedy, potency, and management strategy. I can help you develop a more effective practice overall by supplementing your knowledge with information and insights I have cultivated from over sixteen years of practical experience and extensive training with some of our most respected and renowned homeopaths (see below). Together, we can help your patients, as well as help you build a stronger practice and deeper knowledge of our great medicine. Feel free to phone or email me for a preliminary conversation.

-Jackie Clason       


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Significant Influences:


Louis Klein (graduate of Homeopathic Master Clinician Course), Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr (graduate of Dynamis School US Course), and Paul Herscu (graduate of New England School of Homeopathy and a clinical internship).



Testimonials :


"I owe Ms. Clason a great debt not only because she has helped me to make my clients healthier people, but also because it is her vast knowledge of and undeniable passion for homeopathy which has greatly inspired me to become a better homeopath myself.


"She is more than a trainer; she is a mentor. As a master of homeopathy, she teaches by example - she is patient, gentle, kind, very creative, and always more-than-willing to explain both general and fine points of this art and science. Her expertise with the homeopathic software has been of great assistance to my practice as well."


-Jennifer Vest-Domingues, DiHom.



"Under Jackie's tutelage my understanding of and effectiveness in homeopathy has increased monumentally. She is very intuitive - not just about my patients, but about how I can expand as a homeopath. She has a prodigious body of knowledge, especially of materia medica and casetaking. Her profound insights have greatly enhanced my work. I highly recommend working with Jackie."


- William Berno, A.P., DNBHE