Through the compassionate dialogue of Lotus Therapy we learn to help you by teaching you:

  • tools to bring mindfulness and compassion into your daily lives
  • ways to protect and nourish yourselves
  • how to choose healthy ways of thinking and living
  • to let go of habitual patterns of thinking that do not promote¬†well-being
  • how to uncover and recalibrate misperceptions that have been causing unnecessary¬† pain
  • how to accept ourselves and others with equanimity
  • how to develop deep self-confidence. We learn happiness is available inside of ourselves despite external conditions
  • how to see the support we have already at our disposal in and around us

The pacing of Lotus therapy is determined by the client. Some find that a few sessions are enough to learn the tools of mindful self-care and to integrate it into their lives. Others find it useful to check in on a more regular basis, especially during difficult times. Each person is unique and each Lotus therapy experience is as well.