About Jackie Clason

“Jackie’s deep wisdom and knowledge about the continually evolving constellation of holistic remedies, has had a profound impact on my health and wellbeing. When Jackie finds the right remedy for me, I feel like she’s found the missing piece to a puzzle. Everything falls into place. Furthermore, in addition to understanding how to call upon the body’s wisdom to heal, Jackie teaches the precepts of mindfulness meditation. Meditation expands self-knowledge, which further deepens the healing process. Her compassion and equanimity during our sessions allows for profound transformation. I always feel safe and loved in Jackie’s presence.” — C. Davis

Jackie Clason and Homeopathy

Jackie came to study classical homeopathy after being cured of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with homeopathy in 1983. As she grew to understand the philosophy of homeopathic medicine, her respect and interest grew exponentially. That this medical system is truly natural, truly holistic, truly gentle impresses her profoundly. And the fact that homeopathic remedies act in concert with the innate healing intelligence of the body resonated strongly with her personal philosophy, She began the long road of study to become a homeopathic practitioner, studying with the best, brightest pioneers in the field. Her studies continue. See Jackie’s certifications and education.

“To be healthy means not having to think about it! To be healthy means to enjoy a creative and purposeful life: low-maintenance, high-functioning and free of worry. To be healthy means being able to respond to stresses—physical and emotional—with resilience and optimism.

“As a homeopath, my goal is to facilitate a fundamental shift in my patients to excellent health and vitality; to be sure to resolve the presenting problems and to restore a general state of strength and well-being.

“As a healthcare provider, I believe it is important to build a good partnership with each patient to support and encourage their own inner wisdom and strength.”

Jackie Clason and Lotus Therapy

Jackie’s journey to offering Lotus Therapy began as a natural evolution of her practice with her homeopathic clients and her own spiritual mindfulness practice under the tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh and his community. His core teaching also begins with the insight that each of us have all we need within ourselves to heal and transform our suffering. The self healing practices that Jackie has learned from her own practice with these principles is the foundation of her Lotus Therapy.

“As some of my clientele wanted to explore and heal their spiritual and emotional lives more deeply, I began sharing techniques I had learned over 30 years and eventually it bloomed into Lotus Therapy.”