First pioneered in Belgium and France by Drs. Pol Henry, Max Tetau and O.A. Julian Dr. Pol Henry studied medicine in Belgium during World War II, and was drawn to homeopathy and herbal medicine. Like Hahnemann, he was an excellent observer. Building on work by Hildegarde of Bingen who recommended the use of the buds of apple, birch and other trees, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who wrote The Metamorphosis of Plants, Dr. Henry investigated the alkaloids and phytochemicals in the buds of birch trees. He was able to document the effect of the tincture of birch buds on the liver, activating macrophages that removed carbon colloids from cells there. He proposed that the embryonic tissue of the plant contained potential of everything needed to be built for a tree. From what we know now about stem cells, this seems obvious, but it was revolutionary at the time. Tetau and Julian extended the work into clinical application.

Gemmotherapy has nothing to do with gemstones and everything to do with the therapeutics of plant stem cells!

Gemmotherapy is a subset of homeopathy. ‘Gemmo’ is a prefix that denotes embryonic plant tissue: the new budding shoots and rootlets from each plant used in tincture form as a powerful therapeutic agent. By far, the greatest power in the form of phytochemicals and nutritional compounds is in the embryonic plant or “gemmo.”

Different than other herbal preparations, theses tinctures, made from buds, have low toxicity because of the embryonic nature of the tissue, and are highly active in the body when used therapeutically. Some of the gemmotherapy sources are well-known remedies, others are new, helping us to expand our homeopathic materia medica as well.

Gemmotherapy is relatively new to the US and Canada; It was first studied in Europe in the 1950s and 60s and is currently used most widely in France and Italy. Jackie uses it in her practice now for a wide variety of client situations—it can help get rid of the after-effects of medications, improve hormonal balance and provide symptomatic relief to help buy time and comfort for the client as the constitutional treatment completes its work (among many other benefits). It is a wonderful adjunct that is safer than standard herbs and does not interfere with the action of homeopathic remedies.

Jackie is certified to practice Gemmotherapy Therapeutics by Dr. Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH and Gemmotherapy, USA.