Fees, Policies & Contact

Homeopathic Consultations

Telephone, Skype, Facetime and Office Consultations are available and treated equally.

Initial constitutional consultation (90-120 mins): $350
Includes gemmotherapy work up, brief check in calls or emails to track response as needed for the first month.

Therapeutic Focus Consult (one hour): $180
See Homeopathy Applications

Family, Elder, Hardship discounts or payment plans available on request

Pets, initial consultation: $210

Homeopathic follow up consultations:

Follow up appointments are scheduled one to two months after the initial consult, quickly reducing in frequency as the health improves.

$160 for 45-minute follow up consultations (30-60 mins)

If additional time is needed it is billed at a rate of $180 per hour.

Acute consultation:

Most acute consultations require 15-30 minutes and are billed at $180/hr. Patients on constitutional remedies usually can take a specially prepared dose of their constitutional remedy and there is no charge for a brief explanation of that.

Cost of remedies: most remedies cost $10-20 each and may be available in a health food store. If they need to be mailed to you there will be a shipping charge from our office or the pharmacy.

Lotus Therapy

A therapeutic application of compassionate listening, emotional processing and mindfulness meditation instruction.

$130-$180 per hour (sliding scale)


Jackie does not treat by email. For established homeopathic clients, short emails are appropriate for a quick check in to track response to remedy, basic questions or clarifications, or to schedule an appointment and there is no charge for that. For Lotus Therapy clients, those who find it helpful to supplement our appointments with occasional emails, the time required to read, ponder and respond will be billed accord to time spent.

Payments & Cancellations

Payment may be made with cash, check, credit card, PayPal or direct deposit.

If it is necessary to cancel / reschedule an appointment, notification of schedule change must be made at least 24 hours (not including weekends or holidays)  in advance; appointments that are missed or cancelled late represent time that was scheduled for the client, and will be charged the full fee for that time, with the exception of emergencies.

Intake and Consent Forms

Download and fill out the relevant forms here:

Pediatric Intake 2017



Pet Intakes 2017


Please email Jackie at jackie@clasonhomeopathy.com or phone 508-693-7091.